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Cerissa yeomans
I think I left my license sleeve on your counter. Please contact if u find or have found it.
Jillian Hastings
Hi there - I'm reaching out regarding connecting our diners to your restaurant. If you're not familiar with us, HowUdish is a healthy lifestyle app which connects Dishers (users) to nearby restaurants based on their nutritional preferences. Your restaurant is already in our app. We'd like to talk to you about featuring your dishes through our Sponsored Dishes program, which you can learn about by visiting This is an opportunity for you to offer targeted marketing to our Dishers who focus on a specific lifestyle in your area. With every Sponsored Dish there will be a promotional discount for the Disher to redeem while dining at your restaurant. Additionally, every Sponsored Dish will appear at the top of the main swipe view so this means your competition will not appear with your ad. You'll have the whole screen. If you have an iPhone, you can see how the app works by downloading it on the Apple App Store. You'll see your restaurant is already set up. Ri
Jill Beechly
Will you be open on Easter Sunday (April 1)?